SUSTCC Job Fest 4.0

Season 4


Presented by YOTECH

In its glorious history of eleven years, SUSTCC has played home to several events. Once again,The most well-celebrated festival on the Sust campus is back, thanks to SUSTCC.

 Basketball Ground, SUST

Dear Graduates,
Your wait is over ❤️ Get ready and seize the Opportunities presented by the most anticipated fair of the year. Yes, SUSTCC PRESENTS JOB FEST IS BACK! Compared to past years, it is bigger and better this year.
A Job Fest, in the opinion of SUSTCC, is much more than just an opportunity to be hired. In Sylhet City’s educational institutions, over 10,000 students graduate annually. The majority of them don’t even know how the corporate sector conducts hiring processes. Their readiness for the working world is unknown. Students also submit individual applications to each employer, visit Dhaka to participate in the hiring process, and if successful, may be hired. For recent grads, these processes create a lot of stress.With these challenges in mind, SUSTCC hosts JOB FEST presented by YOTECH at SUST, which includes all of the city’s educational institutions.
● Visit multiple corporate booths and send your resume to several employers in one day.
● Face VIVA Board of more than one firm and meet HR from more than 30 national and international businesses.
● A excellent opportunity to get hired, as well as a general understanding of corporate jobs
To sign up for this FEST on March 1st, you must first stop by the SUSTCC information desk.
After that, our volunteers will direct you to the booths so you can visit them and provide your resume to the businesses whose needs match your qualifications.
Please bring a paper copy of your resume with you. Companies will collect CVs on March 1 and compile a short list of applicants. The chosen applicants will be contacted for the VIVA VOCE.
Companies will record the VIVA VOCE of the chosen job candidates on March 2. After the CV gathering, only a select few organizations may accept VIVA on March 1. Visit each stall separately on the first day to learn which businesses will provide this service.
On March 2nd, no CVs will be collected. Only those individuals who will be chosen following the initial screening of CVs gathered on the first day will have access to the second day of JOB FEST.

Anyone who has graduated from any institution and from any discipline is welcome to drop off a CV.

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